May 25, 2021 epoxy floor coating

How Much Does Epoxy Cost to Install on the Floor?

When you decide to coat the floor with epoxy, you’ve made a great choice. This material is one of the best options for floor protection and durability. It looks great in almost any type of commercial business. Some homeowners even use the special floor coating in their garage and other areas.

The first question that you have after deciding that you will add epoxy to the flooring is the cost. Everyone needs to plan on the budget and have to ensure they can afford the costs, after all. The good news is that epoxy is the most expensive of the material coating options but nonetheless affordable.

epoxy floor coating

So how much is it going to cost to install epoxy?

Many factors determine this price. As you likely imagine, the size of the room/flooring that needs to be epoxied is one of the biggest factors. The larger the room the more expensive the costs. On average, a homeowner may pay as little as $3,100 to epoxy their floor while it can cost as much as $9,000 for an 800 SF room.

Aside from the room size, other factors that affect this cost include the type of epoxy you want and the installation professional. Do take time to compare a few providers before hiring. With a bit of research, finding a great provider to make the installation at a great cost is much easier.

One thing is for sure: the cost of epoxy floor coating is well-worth the expense. It leaves the room more appealing, more durable, and gives you fewer worries. Your customers will thank you, that is for sure.

Get a few estimates from providers in the local area and get the best price for epoxy coating!